White River Rambler is a homegrown band from all parts of Indiana with an original sound. Currently gigging through the midwest and surrounding areas. With experienced singer/songwriter Scott Boshears at the helm original music is a top priority.  The assembled back line  consists of John Alexander, Jake Strakis, Brad Beach, & Josh Hause. All parts combined will give you a true Rambler experience. 

 Sometime in 2017 Scott made fast friends with drummer John Alexander.  About a month later Josh Hause joined in on bass, and the three began to hash out tunes getting the rhythm section dialed in. By the time January 2018 came around it was time to build the rest of the band. Jake Strakis was willing to join in on piano in late January. This past spring Brad Beach came on board to fulfill the line up on lead guitar. 

The original music coming from White River Rambler is not your typical modern  country. Drawing influences from all the old greats, the sound is dynamic, energetic, heartfelt, and raw. The debut single Vicious Cycle is a spot on adaption of Rambling. Having such a diverse group of musicians adds to the mix, and really separates White River Rambler from the rest of the pack. 

Full Length album available NOW! 

Contact us directly at for booking & information on private events, themed parties, and more! 


From the Sam Ash Website 2019

From the Sam Ash Website 2019